Module Directory

Without modules, facileManager is pretty useless. The module directory allows you to find, learn about, and download the pieces that will make your job as a sysadmin easier. All of the modules in this directory currently come included with the complete download package.

If you want to download an individual module because you are building from the bare minimum (core package) or a new module was released after your installation, you can grab the package from below.



Easily manage one or more ISC DHCP servers through a web interface. No longer edit configuration files manually.



Easily manage one or more ISC BIND servers through a web UI. No more editing configuration and zone files manually.



Managing software firewalls should not be difficult. Manage one or more software firewall servers (iptables, ipfw, ipf, pf) through a web interface rather than configuration files individually.



Change database user passwords across a server farm running multiple database server types. Password complexity requirements are enforced to ensure secure passwords. Currently supported database servers include MySQL and PostgreSQL.